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What to see in Zas


Like all the towns in the interior of Galicia, the economy of Zas is based on livestock and agriculture. The archaeological finds in the area are relevant and allow us to go back in history as far back as the first century of our era, with evidence of settlements and the occupation of the Roman Empire. Its unique landscapes will give the visitor the feeling of having traveled back in time and will be intrigued about what to see in Zas.

About the area

Zas is basically based on agriculture and livestock. It is a very rural municipality with a lot of farms to take advantage of the lands and landscapes as beautiful as this council contains. Other activities such as industry, commerce and hospitality also stand out, where the latter has more influence in one of its parishes, in Baio.

This council contains an importance in the amount of megalithic remains, with 5,000-year-old tombs. Some of the best known are the Arca de Piosa, located in Muiño. There are also various forts such as San Adrián.

In this municipality it is worth highlighting one of the most famous traditional music festivals in all of Galicia, which is the Fiesta de la Carballeira.

You can also see in the flax museum the different phases of its cultivation and spinning, an appropriate place to take photos and teach your family or friends how to work with this.

What to see in Zas

What to see in Zas

Qué ver en Zas

Torres do Allo

The Pazos, or old stately homes, are common throughout Galicia. But few are in such good condition thanks to extraordinary restoration work as is the Pazo de Torres do Allo. Less than ten minutes by car from Zas (7.3 km) we find this Pazo dating from the sixteenth century. The Gothic influence is noticeable in the towers and in the central area you can see stone ovens built two hundred years ago. Today it belongs to the Diputación de Galicia, responsible for the restoration. Currently it works as an ethnographic museum, with an exhibition of handicraft tools used in the region.

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Brandomil Bridge

Just 15 minutes from Zas, in the parish of Brandomil we find a bridge that crosses, at this point, calm waters of the Jallas River. The finds in the area, such as the nearby fort, as well as the construction of Roman origin, show its antiquity. It is believed that it may have been built in the 1st century. Modifications made over time are also evidenced in order to reinforce the structure to resist the passage of time.

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Linen Museum

The cultivation and spinning of this fiber is an ancient tradition in Zas crafts. Thanks to the Amigos Do Liño association, old tools of the artisanal process, machinery and all the stages of the process that involve planting, harvesting, fiber treatment and finally weaving are preserved in this space. Getting to the museum located in the parish of Baio only takes 10 minutes by car from Zas.

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Properties in Zas

Accommodations in Zas Galicia

Country house en baio zas

Unique house located in Baio, has 2 floors with 6 rooms and capacity for 14 people.

Things to do in Zas

Qué ver en Zas

Do the route Zas - Pico de Meda

The Pico de Meda is the highest mountain elevation of the Concello de Zas, with 566 meters of height.

It is possible to make a circular route of 25 kilometers, which is why we need to bring hydration and comfortable clothing with us.

This route begins at the Sociocultural Center in the direction of Santiago. As we ascend we begin to see important stops such as the Hermitage of San Pedro, Hermitage of San Roque do Monte and continue towards the Wind Farm. Upon reaching 566 meters it is time to appreciate the landscape and see the scope of the views. The descent gives us a walk through the crops to reach the Zas river. After a short walk we will be arriving at the Church of San Andrés de Zas, where we can take a few minutes to admire the structure built, as usual, in granite and dating from the sixteenth century. We reached the end of the tour, finally returning to the Sociocultural Center.

What to do in Zas

Torres do Allo

Brandomil Bridge

Pico de Meda viewpoint

Workshops for children, theaters and open-air cinemas are organized for all ages.

Other sites of interest

Pizzeria Tivoli:

  • Address : Ctra. Santiago, 13, 15850 Zas, A Coruña
  • Hours : Tuesday to Sunday from 7: 00-24: 00. Monday from 7: 00-6: 30.
  • Telephone : 981 75 11 98
  • WEB :
  • Price : €

Os Arcos Raxería:

  • Address: Av. A Coruña, 7, 15150 Zas, A Coruña
  • Hours : Thursday to Tuesday from 10: 00-24: 00
  • Telephone: 981 71 83 40
  • Price : €

Pizzeria Venezia:

  • Address: Av. A Coruña, 8, 15150 Zas, A Coruña
  • Hours : Tuesday to Sunday from 11: 00-24: 00
  • Phone :
  • Price : €

To Lareira:

  • Address : Rúa do Mestre Platas, 25, 15150, A Coruña
  • Hours : Monday to Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Phone :
  • Price : €

Zas Sites of Interest Map

Site of tourist interest, useful sites so that you know where they are located, etc …

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Que hacer en Galicia

What to see in Zas

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