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What to see in Dumbría


Dumbría is a concello (town hall) of the province of La Coruña. It can be said that it has the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it overlooks the Atlantic on its coast and on the other, the landscape becomes mountainous, with an orographic richness that gives rise to plant species such as pine and holly. Nature has triggered such a number of events that give it unusual landscapes that give a lot to see in Dumbría.

About the area

Dumbría can be called the concello del pino, since it is surrounded by lush forests of this tree, although they also contain horseworms, laurels and holly trees.

It also has a great diversity of fauna, such as hares, rabbits, wild boars, etc. We cannot forget the otters and the wolf, of not only natural interest, but also cultural. Getting photos of these animals are as beautiful as indicated to have a great memory of this council.

Dumbría shows us a great landscape richness. We can highlight the Ézaro waterfall, the only river mouth in Europe that falls directly into the sea, and with the possibility of going to the viewpoint to see the magnificent views of the waterfall and the forests that surround it from above.

What to see in Dumbría

What to see in Dumbría

Qué ver en Dumbría

Ézaro Viewpoint and Waterfall

The Jallas River has come a long way through La Coruña by the time it reaches Ézaro, in Dumbria. Its final destination, the Atlantic. But the slope of the mouth, of 155 meters, gives rise to the Waterfall. The river falls with all the force of its flow.

The waterfall, just 700 meters from the town of Ézaro, has a high level of visitors in both summer and winter. It is possible to get very close to the waterfall by means of a walkway made of wood.

It is better to go up to the viewpoint by car, as the ascent is quite steep. We reached its top, which rises to 273 meters high and the view takes our breath away.
We can perfectly see the mouth of the Jallas and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. We can see Cape Fisterra in the distance. The town of Ézaro and Mount Pindo. At this point, travelers begin to take pictures of the haunting landscape.

Qué ver en Dumbría

Santa Baia de Dumbría

Santa Baia is a parish to the north, just a kilometer from Dumbría. It is a small community of less than 700 people, and the town has the charm of a rural area, surrounded by nature. As the central protagonist we find the Church, whose construction dates from the end of the seventeenth century. It was made of granite and the style of its architecture is Baroque. There is no record that it has been remodeled and in fact, the passage of time has left its mark. Inside, you can see Santa Baia with the palm of martyrdom.

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Properties in Dumbría

Accommodations in Dumbría Galicia

Things to do in Dumbría

Qué ver en Dumbría

Bathing in the waters of Playa Ézaro

In less than 25 minutes (21 kms), we reached this beach leaving from Dumbría. Despite being an urban beach, access is only by car or bus.
Its white sand stretches along its 800 meters. It has a swell that can be classified as moderate, despite the strong wind. It is equipped with cleaning and hygiene services. It is close to bars, beach bars, sports can be practiced and it has a promenade.

Qué ver en Dumbría

Get to the town of Berdeogas and enjoy its gastronomy in O Cruceiro de Berdeogas

The journey is short. Only 4 kilometers from Dumbría. In this small town with an abundance of green and a mountain climate we find the Restaurant O Croceiro de Berdeogas.
A cozy place with careful attention. It has a terrace, free Wifi. But what about food? The octopus, the prawns, the sopados. There are vegetarian and vegan options. You just have to decide between enjoying the food inside or on the terrace, accompanied by an excellent bottle of wine.

What activities to do in Dumbría

Ézaro Waterfall and Viewpoint

  • Description: This incomparable viewpoint offers us from the mouth of the Xallas River to the slopes of Mount Pindo, passing through the peaceful O Ézaro inlet. The viewpoint, located on a ledge that forms a natural balcony from which we can obtain spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean next to the figures of Cape Fisterra in the distance and the small Lobeiras islands.
  • Address : 15297 Dumbría, A Coruña
  • Hours : Open 24 hours
  • Telephone : 662 34 69 27
  • Map :

Mount Pindo

  • Description: Mount Pindo is a mountainous appendage of granite rocks that ends at the edge of the sea. Considered a mythical place to which numerous legends are attributed about its ancient settlers, who made their sacrifices on the stones of this mountain. At the foot of the mountain is the “Fervenza do Ézaro”, waterfall of the Xallas River, the only river in Europe that flows in the form of a waterfall.
  • Address : 15296, La Coruña
  • Hours : Open 24 hours
  • Map :

Sports such as canoeing are practiced. Soccer, volleyball, zumba, etc. There are also walking routes in the area.

Other sites of interest

Mesón O Argentino

Restaurant & Pension A Pedra


Manuel Castiñeria Capelo

  • Address : Calle Estiman, 78, 15151 Dumbría, A Coruña
  • Contact phone : 981744079

Galuresa Berdeogas

  • Address : Place Berdeogas, S / n, 15151 O Campo de Berdeogas, A Coruña
  • Hours : Monday to Sunday from 7: 00-23: 00
  • Contact phone : 981750102
  • Web :

Dumbría Health Center

Albino López Vázquez Pharmacy

  • Address : CP-3404, 15151 Dumbría, A Coruña
  • Hours : Monday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Contact phone : 981 706 680

Santamaría workshops

  • Address : 15151 Dumbría, A Coruña
  • Contact phone : 981744085

Alberto Workshop

  • Address : C / Buxan, 15, 15151 Dumbría, A Coruña
  • Hours : Monday to Friday from 9: 00-13: 30 and from 15: 30-20: 00. Saturdays from 10: 00-13: 30.
  • Contact phone : 981744103

Map of Sites of Interest of Dumbría

Site of tourist interest, useful sites so that you know where they are located, etc …

What to see in Dumbría

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