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What to do for 7 days in Galicia
8 de December de 2021
What to do for 7 days in Galicia

What to do for 7 days in Galicia

What to do for 7 days in Galicia

Galicia is undoubtedly one of the best places to spend your holidays. A land full of culture, history and above all, things to do. If you are thinking of spending a few days in the north, but you are still not sure what you can do, from North Flats we are going to recommend what to do for 7 days in Galicia so that you do not miss an iota of culture and charm Galician.

Whether tasting its incredible gastronomy, discovering parts of its historical heritage or being carried away by its wild nature, Galicia offers all its visitors a unique experience. If you think that Galicia is just rain, cows and the Camino de Santiago, let us tell you that you still have a lot of Galicia to discover , and that is a good thing. We hope you can find yourself what to do for 7 days in Galicia with these tips.

1 – Enjoy nature at its best.

Throughout the entire autonomous community, nature is something that is present almost wherever you go. Galicia has just over 2 million hectares of forest area in which 70% of it is wooded. And it also has a very extensive coastline in which the beaches and cliffs are its main attraction.

If you are a nature fanatic, in Galicia you can enjoy from charming beaches to ancient forests without forgetting mountainous places where time seems to have stopped.

In Galicia there is no shortage of hiking trails that will delight nature lovers. The first option that we propose is the Fragas do Eume Natural Park , one of the best-preserved Atlantic Forests with the most diversity of plants in the Old Continent, so beautiful that it looks like a decoration. The alternative is to zigzag along the wooden walkways on the way to Punta de Fuciño do Porco, on the border between A Coruña and Lugo.

Galician octopus

2 – Eating, one of the best things to do in Galicia

Yes, eating is something basic that we all do in our day to day. But in Galicia, mealtime is more than just a simple procedure. Wherever you are, you will surely find places where you can taste the local cuisine.

Octopus a feira, pork shoulder with turnip greens, Seafood, Galician broth, pie, chorizo with cachelos … The offer of traditional dishes is overwhelming. And how could it be otherwise, accompanying the meal with a good local wine and some typical sweet is the key to enjoying the best local cuisine. Of course, gastronomy is a way to find what to do for 7 days in Galicia.

What to do for 7 days in Galicia

3 – Enjoy their parties, pilgrimages and festivals.

Likewise, in Galicia not only festivals are celebrated around gastronomy. “A festa rachada” is in the DNA of all Galicians , that is why in Galicia thousands of festivals are celebrated in all its towns and cities throughout the year. Nadal, Entroido, Magosto, Easter, Pilgrimages, Samaín, Rapa das Bestas and a long etcetera.

Some such as the entroido (carnival) of Laza are perfect to panic and enjoy one of the most traditional festivals in the peninsula. The Peliqueiros are unique, ancestral, fascinating from an anthropological point of view … and terrifying. We assure you that you will want to repeat.

And we cannot talk about partying without mentioning the festivals. When summer arrives, each town in Galicia celebrates its big festival. Days full of celebrations, music, food and where it is mandatory to give everything with the orchestras of one of the countless popular festivals and end up raving with “Galicia every day more beautiful than beautiful every day melhor e melhor”.

What to do for 7 days in Galicia

4 – Reach the “End of the World”

According to legend, the Roman conquerors found an altar to the sun on Mount Cape Finisterre . Amazed, they saw how at the end of the day it was swallowed up by the sea on the horizon line, while a blaze of fire erupted from the waters. They concluded that they could not be found anywhere other than “Finis Terrae”, the end of the Earth.

Contemplate the sunset from the
Finisterre Lighthouse is something magical. From the most important place on the “Costa da Morte” you will feel on your own skin the same feeling that the Romans who came to Galicia felt thousands of years ago. A moment of calm and peace in which time seems to stop for a few seconds. One of the obligatory stops if you are a pilgrim or if you are on vacation in Galicia.

What to do for 7 days in Galicia

5 – Discover the steps of our ancestors.

Galicia is undoubtedly one of the autonomous communities with the greatest historical baggage in all of Spain. Romans, Galaicos, Suevi … But above all the legacy that the Celts left on this land is indelible. Galicia is a megalithic territory, so it is very easy to find structures throughout the territory and discover how Galicia lived thousands of years ago.

What to do for 7 days in Galicia

The Celts inhabited almost the entire Galician territory so it is very easy to follow their tracks and the castros that are easily found were their homes. So every time you see the ruins of a fort, remember that we are in a magical and ancient place. Places such as Castro de Baroña, Castro de Santa Tegra or Monte Pindo are perfect places to discover the Celtic heritage of Galicia.

The Castro de Santa Trega is surely the most impressive of those discovered so far in Galicia. Located in A Guarda, south of Pontevedra. This is a 341-meter-high strategic bulwark that was inhabited by almost 5,000 Celts more than 2,000 years ago. In this area, remains of a previous occupation have also been found thanks to various localized rock carvings called petroglyphs, many of them under the houses of the fort.

What to do for 7 days in Galicia

6 – Enjoy the beach (Weather permitting)

Galicia is one of the autonomous communities that most like to escape the heat in summer. And it also hides some of the best beaches and coasts in Spain. It is no secret that Galicia has almost 1,500 kilometers of coastline and more than 700 beaches where you can enjoy its waters. Coves, urban beaches, family sandbanks …

If you are enjoying a few days in Galicia and the weather is good, it is not a bad idea to go to the coast and enjoy some of its beaches . It does not matter if you are in the “Rías Altas” or the “Rías Baixas”, surely you have a fantastic beach closer than you imagine.

And we cannot talk about beaches without recommending a visit to what is possibly the most beautiful beach in all of Galicia. The Beach of the Cathedrals in Ribadeo it has capricious natural arches and steep walls that are the proof of the passage of time and the effects of erosion, they will make a perfect ‘photocall’. Of course, make sure the tide is out.

What to do for 7 days in Galicia

7 – Witness a spell of “Queimada”

Galicia is the land of “Meigas” . La Queimada is one of the many rituals that have to do with fire, a tradition that is torn between the pagan and the mysterious. The Queimada ritual and its spell is one of the few rites that is maintained today, taking place naturally in countless social gatherings and celebrations that take place in the Galician community.

Without a doubt, witnessing a conxuro da queimada, with its invocation of all invisible beings and its fireball in the form of brandy that makes its way to your stomach is something magical that can only be experienced in Galicia . Of course, we recommend taking this potion in moderation.

We hope that our recommendations for activities to do in 7 days in Galicia have made you want to discover this autonomous community. Remember that if you have doubts or want first-hand advice from professionals, at North Flats we are at your entire disposal.

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