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Weather in Galicia
6 de December de 2021
Weather in Galicia

Weather in Galicia

Weather in Galicia

Galicia is a large region that is part of the Iberian Peninsula. This makes the weather in Galicia is influenced both by the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean on its coasts and by the mountainous formations and its varied altitude, together with the relief, which make us speak of climatic zones with Mediterranean and subtropical microclimates at the same time as high rainfall throughout the entire anus.

The influence of the Atlantic regulates the temperature, both on the coast and in the most remote regions.

Rains in Galicia are mostly concentrated between the months of September and February, corresponding to the autumn and winter seasons, but there may also be rainfall, although to a lesser extent the rest of the year.

Temperatures in Galicia, on average, reach a minimum of 10 ºC in the winter months and a maximum, on average, of 19 ºC during the summer.

The best month to visit Galicia

With such particular characteristics it is common to wonder about the best time to visit Galicia and this will depend on the purpose of the traveler. Being an area with so many alternatives, thousands of people come annually during the summer to enjoy the beaches and the sun. For pilgrims doing the Camino de Santiago, however, a milder climate in which they can do the route would be ideal. Those who do the lighthouse route would also share a desire to be scantily clad, without fear of an unannounced downpour.

Weather in Galicia – spring in Galicia, March to June

In spring, temperatures rise up to twenty degrees while the sun makes its appearance after the cloudy days of winter. It is an ideal time for hikers who do mountain activities, since the snow is gone. On the coast, the days are sunny, although alternated with rainy days. It is the best time to do the Camino de Santiago.

Weather in Galicia – summer in Galicia, June to September

There is a clear decrease in rainfall and the temperature rises, but the nights are still cool. The temperature can reach and exceed 30 ºC. It is the time when the entire coast is crowded with tourists in search of sun, sea air, outdoor activity and relaxing in front of the sea. To the north, sunny days increase, although scattered rainy days can still occur. During these months there is a greater influx on the Camino de Santiago, product of the vacation period.

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Weather in Galicia – autumn in Galicia, September to December

A drop in temperature can be observed, which will be constant throughout the season. The days are shorter and there are scattered storms. Hikers will have to wear warmer and therefore this represents more weight that will affect physical performance.

You can still enjoy the beaches, although much warmer, strolling along its shores and enjoying the scenery and the tranquility of the waves. On the Camino de Santiago, pilgrims must prepare not to be surprised by a sudden downpour.

Weather in Galicia – winter in Galicia, December to March

The drop in temperature and the appearance of snow to the north can discourage travelers. The rains increase and decrease the hours of sunlight. However, the tour of the mountainous areas increases its appeal and the visitor can go skiing or spend a weekend in a cozy inn. Many pilgrims from Asia prefer to do the Camino de Santiago during the months of January and February.

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