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Vacation rental vs Hotel
6 de December de 2021
Vacation rental vs Hotel

Vacation rental vs Hotel

Vacation Rentals vs. hotel

The dilemma vacation rental vs Hotel , when planning your next vacation can be a dilemma of choosing between vacation rental or a Hotel or camping , and represent a challenge and, frankly, a headache if your traveling family group is large. It is difficult to agree on many things and there is conflict, which is why accommodation occupies an important place when making decisions.

Usually the first thing that comes to mind is checking the rates of a few hotels. But when reviewing the prices, we begin to think of alternatives that suit our budget.

Evaluating options wisely means choosing what to invest in less, so you can enjoy more. It is the work of an economist, and of course, you are hardly a computer scientist in the Technical Department (just kidding!).

Seriously speaking, it is simpler than it seems, we just have to review the Pros and Cons of accommodation in a Hotel Versus a Vacation Rental and in this sense, there are three important aspects to consider:

Vacation rental vs Hotel

1. Travel budget

Vacation rental vs Hotel

Hotels are a wonderful option with their room service, fresh towels every day and buffet breakfast. But if you manage a family group, saving on accommodation to invest in excursions and fun should be the goal. And a vacation rental is always cheaper than a hotel. It also offers an equipped kitchen. Of course, it is not about spending the holidays cooking. But at least breakfasts that are quick and easy to make would be covered, saving a significant chunk of the budget.

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Vacation rental vs Hotel

2. Accommodation Distribution

Hotel accommodation has limitations. For example, a double room only admits two adults and one or two children maximum. Distribute a group of four adults, two teenagers (who are taken by adults in the hotel) and three children becomes inconvenient especially if the parents want to have supervision of the teenagers. Of course, some hotels offer suite accommodations, but these tend to be more expensive and therefore raise the budget.

Instead, a vacation rental has a more home-like setup, with rooms and common areas. The proximity allows teenagers and children alike to be targeted at the same time, while parents find the privacy they need in their rooms.

Apartment Visit Costa da Morte
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“Fantastic apartment located in Neaño, Cabana de Bergantiños, just one kilometer from the Urixiera beach. It is a modern and bright apartment fully equipped with all the comforts to offer you a unique stay. It has a double bedroom, a bathroom and a large open-concept kitchen-living room. The nearest airport is A Coruña, located 57km …

Camiño dos Faros Apartment
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“Magnificent apartment located in Ponteceso in the heart of Costa da Morte, with full access to all necessary services and just 7 minutes from the nearest beach. The room is characterized by its luminosity, spaciousness and comfort. It has an outdoor terrace and access to an interior patio. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, bed …

Vacation rental vs Hotel

3. Travel Experience

A hotel has wonderful facilities, but it usually has a somewhat impersonal atmosphere. While vacation rentals are ideal if you want to experience your vacation destination as a traveler and not as a tourist. Mingling with the locals always generates recommendations that lead to hidden treasures that are often overlooked and that will give you unforgettable anecdotes from your trip. On the other hand, on long stays, the routine of eating all the time in restaurants is overwhelming, but it can be easily broken by just going to the grocery store and preparing a homemade dinner. And yes, it is true that you have to clean afterwards, but it is something that can be done quickly and easily if everyone participates willingly.

In summary, choosing between a Hotel or a Vacation Rental will largely depend on the common goal and the decisions of the family or travel group. There is always a desire in us to seek unique experiences that are out of the ordinary and this factor has a determining weight when making a decision.

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