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Tourist Apartment Amenities
12 de January de 2022
Tourist Apartment Amenities

Tourist Apartment Amenities

Tourist Apartment Amenities

When looking to make a reservation at a tourist apartment, comfort is paramount here we show you the amenities of the North Flats Tourist Apartment Amenities. It is a factor that makes many of the guests opt for one or another tourist apartment.

A priori they may seem like small things, but in general, these are valued very positively and cannot be lacking in an apartment if you are looking to receive many reservations. Today, from North Flats we are going to give you a series of tips and “tips” so that your tourist apartment has all the possible comforts available to your future guests.

If you want your tenants to choose your tourist apartment over others, you have to take great care of the details. Factors such as the location of the apartment cannot be changed, but we know that when it comes to comparing apartments, the ones that offer the best amenities tend to get the most reservations.

There are some details that guests take into account when booking their vacation apartment and we are going to reveal them to you.

Tourist Apartment Amenities

Guaranteed WIFI access

This is one of the most essential tourist apartment amenities. It does not matter if your tenants are on vacation, for work or just passing through.

Everyone uses the Internet today. Whether on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, if your tourist apartment has a strong WIFI network available to your tenants, counting will be a key factor when choosing your apartment over others. Without a doubt having internet is part of the comforts of the tourist apartment.

Tourist Apartment Amenities

Functional and complete kitchen

One of the most sought-after comforts in holiday apartments (especially in the summer season) is having a functional kitchen. Of course, be careful, because cooking is not the same as being able to cook well.

Of course, from North Flats we recommend to all our clients that their apartment has everything they need to be able to use the kitchen. Both basic appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave, washing machine or oven as well as the kitchenware and utensils necessary for cooking and eating such as pans, pots, plates, glasses or cutlery.

There is nothing that annoys a tenant more than wanting to use a kitchen and cannot due to lack of utensils. These are the amenities of the tourist apartment that we present to you.

Tourist Apartment Amenities

Temperature regulation, whatever the season

Another of the basic comforts within a tourist apartment is being able to have both heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. There is nothing worse than arriving at a flat and not being comfortable with the temperature, especially in cities where one of these two devices are essential.

If you know that they are necessary in your home, it is highly recommended that they are always operational and that you also leave a small explanatory note explaining how to use these devices.

Tourist Apartment Amenities

Respect resting places as much as possible

Perhaps the most important part of a tourist apartment and where more emphasis should be placed is the bedroom. This should be as comfortable as possible and have everything you need to guarantee a comfortable stay where you can rest and disconnect.

Get good quality pillows and sheets, which invite the tenant to enjoy. Remember to pay attention to everything that helps the guest to rest, since this will help you get better reviews and more and more reservations for your holiday apartment.

Invest in quality mattresses and pillows, clean sheets and bedding (even having another extra set), enough blankets for all beds, having sockets near the bedside table and sufficient lighting is vitally important if we want our future tenants to rest well in our apartment.

Tourist Apartment Amenities

Clean and well-kept bathroom projects quality

There is nothing worse than arriving at a flat and seeing that the bathroom or bathrooms are old or, even worse, dirty.

Both the W.C and the shower or bathtub have to be in perfect condition if we want our holiday apartment to have reservations. It is not a bad idea also to place extra fresh towels and everything you need for personal hygiene. Toilet paper, gel, shampoo… These small details always make the difference.

Tourist Apartment Amenities

If you are looking for accommodation we can help you

Tourist Apartment Amenities

A holiday apartment with all the comforts is synonymous with excellence

Finally, think about what you would like to meet yourself in a holiday apartment when you walk through the door. Perhaps a small welcome with a typical sweet of the area, a drink in the fridge, services such as Netflix or HBO on the TV or a small guide about the neighborhood are key to finish rounding off the comfort in your home.

If you follow the recommendations that we suggest from North Flats you will get a much more comfortable tourist apartment, in which all your guests will be delighted with the service provided and also sure that they will want to repeat the stay and talk about it to their friends.

This will increase your flat’s grade, positive reviews, reviews and bookings.

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