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Things to do in Costa da Morte
6 de December de 2021
Things to do in Costa da Morte

Things to do in Costa da Morte

what to do in costa da morte

To the question what to do in Costa da Morte , the answer is very complicated to be able to capture everything at once, but I will try to ensure that this is not the only article on this subject.

Places to visit in Costa Da Morte

What to do in Costa da Morte - Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca

Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca

This religious building is frequently visited by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, given its relationship with the time that the apostle was in Spanish lands in the first century.

During his time evangelizing these lands, the apostle felt hopeless because people did not pay attention to him and legend has it that the Virgin appeared in the sea, in a boat made of stone. After a few words of encouragement to Santiago, she ascended to heaven together with the angels, leaving the stone boat on the shore.

Very close to the rocks a rudimentary temple dating from the 12th century was built. At first a hermitage, it was remodeled many times over the centuries, being affected by blizzards and inclement weather. The last one for consideration occurred in 2014, after a fire severely damaged the structure. Today, stones of gigantic size and curious shapes are the object of worship and these are attributed healing properties.

Things to do in Costa da Morte

Lighthouse Route

As exciting and full of liturgical emotion as the Camino de Santiago can be, Costa Da Morte offers a 200-kilometer journey with the coast and mountains as the scenery. Although this physically requires the traveler, it is worth the effort, since the reward is to know first-hand a region that only offers unforgettable experiences. We have a small guide that talks about the route of the Fatos , enter and take a look.

Carnota Beach

Carnota Beach

Upon arrival, the traveler will have the sensation of having passed through a portal before the spectacle of this bay caressed by the sea. Its sand is very white and the vegetation and birds coexist in a unique ecosystem throughout the Costa da Morte. The Boca Do Río is a phenomenon in which the mouth of the Vadebois River forms a small lagoon of calm waters with immense rocks scattered around, creating a safe environment for swimming and relaxing and for children to enjoy. This contrast between the calm water and the waves of the coast generates a unique panorama and one that we will always have among our most precious memories.

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Ezaro lookout

Ézaro viewpoint

Visiting the town of Ézaro represents the finishing touch for tourists on their tour of the Costa Da Morte. In this small town of 600 inhabitants we find the Xallas River, whose 40-meter waterfall flows directly into the ocean. The Electricity Museum exhibits the old turbines with descriptions of the electricity generation process taking advantage of the river flow.
But the best experience is to go up to the Mirador, located 274 meters above sea level. You can go up by bicycle or by vehicle as long as it is small, since the road is quite narrow. Upstairs, you will find cobbled walkways, a parking lot and the best, a unique view of the town, as well as gigantic granite rocks scattered over the mountain, the port, the river with its slope to the sea and at the end Cape Finisterre.

Things to do in Costa da Morte

Casa do Arco. Tasca Restaurant / Posada

Very close to Laxe beach we find Casa do Arco, a Tasca Restaurant specialized in seafood and Mediterranean food. Its construction dates from the 15th century and belonged to a Countess. Currently it offers two environments, the tables inside, surrounded by the stone structure, and the terrace overlooking the sea. They also have accommodation and their four rooms offer private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, digital TV and heating.

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Apartment Visit Costa da Morte
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The lighthouse route

Roncudo Lighthouse

There are 26 kilometers from Niñóns beach to the Ponteceso bridge. During the day’s journey the landscape changes. The group is discovering landscapes that seem virgin and solitary and are interrupted with the activity of the villages. Like that of Roncudo, with its stone structures. The ocean and its wild pounding that produces a particular sound due to the strong winds have given its name to both the village of stone-built houses and the Lighthouse. The Roncudo was built in 1920 and has a height of 38 meters and a range of 13 nautical miles.

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