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The weather forecast in Galicia
6 de December de 2021
The weather forecast in Galicia

The weather forecast in Galicia

Where to see the weather forecast in Galicia

Nowadays being interconnected is a great advantage when planning vacations. There are multiple sites on the internet where you can see the weather forecast in Galicia. This is important if we are about to visit the Iberian Peninsula. The weather in Galicia is influenced by multiple climatic factors such as the proximity to the ocean, the mountainous configuration of the area and the direction of the winds from the Mediterranean. Fortunately, the traveler only has to consult a web page and here we have a compendium of what we consider the best pages to consult the weather forecast in Galicia.

Simply enter the region to be consulted in the search engine on the page and the prediction is displayed for a period of 15 days. Scrolling down, there is a brief description of what is expected for the day and also the forecasts of localities close to the one queried.

It has a section dedicated to the Mountain area, a Maritime section and the weather in the rest of the world.

This page shows an interactive map that displays the prediction for the next six hours in a loop, which gives the opportunity to see if a potential rain can be triggered or moved away by the action of the winds. This map displays the view in radar mode, clouds, temperatures or all modalities can be seen at the same time.

Applications that forecast the weather in Galicia, iOS, Android.

Today there are multiple applications that we can install on our phone to be informed at all times about the weather forecast. In general, these applications are capable of giving a complete report about the weather forecast in real time. 

The reports contain multiple data such as wind direction, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, visibility distance, humidity, all based on the GPS location of your smartphone.

You can change the temperature unit format from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. Forecasts range from 7 days to a month.

After a tour of the app stores, the ones with the most downloads along with reviews of more than four stars are:

  • Weather Forecast. Android
  • Weather Radar App. Android
  • Weawow weather App (Without advertising and with photos uploaded by users). Android only.
  • El Canal del clima. iOS, Android.

Weather forecast in Galicia 15 days

Most of the meteorological services can, through their measurement methods, issue a weather forecast in Galicia for the next 15 days. In addition to the above, you can consult the following:

Meteogalicia Concellos

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