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The Best Beaches in Galicia
6 de December de 2021
The Best Beaches in Galicia

The Best Beaches in Galicia

The Best Beaches in Galicia

If you are planning this next vacation and your destination is the Iberian Peninsula, you cannot miss the best beaches in Galicia. If you are traveling from Europe, you can reach Santiago de Compostela Airport in just 2 to 6 hours, depending on the city you are in. Flanked by the Atlantic washing its coasts, its rich and ancient history and its incomparable natural landscape will leave you speechless.

The Best Beaches in Galicia

The Best Beaches in Galicia

Las Catedrales Beach

The most amazing thing about Las Catedrales Beach is that seen from above, it seems that giants came millennia ago swimming to its shore to remain embedded there transformed into rock. Even the central structure is shaped like a turtle. While the huge rock formations seen on land resemble the remains of an ancient temple with multiple hallways of gigantic walls that was left there and eroded by the centuries and the sea.

Its original name in Galician is Praia de Augas Santas, or Aguas Santas Beach and it is located in the province of Lugo.

Another notable feature is that this beach offers two landscapes. The water partially floods the rocks at high tide, but it is at low tide that they can be explored while walking through its corridors on its fine white sand. Between the months of July and August, and during the Greater Week (Holy Week), visitors must obtain a permit to access the beach. You should always check the tidal schedule as a forecast, this to carry out the experience at low tide and thus appreciate the rock formations in all their splendor.

From Galicia, the most recommended access would be to take the Cantabrian Highway and then take the detour that indicates exit 513.

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The Best Beaches in Galicia

Best Beaches in Galicia to go with children

Rhodes Beach

Located in Pontevedra, it is a sight to behold as soon as the visitor glimpses it in the distance. It stretches for 1,300 meters in a calm bay with turquoise waters in contrast to the sand and the small boats scattered in its vicinity.

The Best Beaches in Galicia

Vao Beach

On this beach, the urban and the natural merge in a perfect and harmonious way. Close to the center of the town of Vigo and is considered the meeting point of the young public. The bluish green reflected in its waters is remarkable. With an extension of 45 meters, this beach has all the services and a restaurant area, shaded space and you can even have a family picnic.

The Best Beaches in Galicia

Beaches for Dogs Galicia

As we enjoy the summer months, we want to bring our canine family with us to enjoy much-needed outdoor activity and exercise that we sometimes limit due to daily routine and work. It is always advisable to visit the website to determine at all times the beaches to which we can take our pets according to the travel season, always respecting the current permits.
For this 2021, in Galicia there are several alternatives that travelers can take advantage of, such as: O Espiño Beach, O Portiño, Cunchina, Cesantes and Capela Beach, O Castelete Beach, all of these in Pontevedra. Playa del Arenal, Playa de la Magdalena and Playa Canina de Ares in A Coruña. Punta Corveira and Penoural Beach in Lugo. Playa da Foz and da Calzoa in Vigo.

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