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Rural getaways in Galicia
11 de March de 2022
Rural getaways in Galicia

Rural getaways in Galicia

Rural getaways in Galicia

Each person plans their vacations in a different way, there are those who prefer a luxury hotel, others go on a cruise, others camp, etc. However, there is something that is quite wonderful and that is rural getaways.

Many people look for them to rest, after all being in a beautiful little house in the middle of nature that looks like something out of a fairy tale after months of working is something refreshing. But it can also be a quite romantic place to give you a getaway as a couple.

If you are planning a vacation for yourself, family, friends or your partner, a rural getaway is an excellent option. Today we are going to talk a little more about rural getaways and we will tell you some of the best destinations in Galicia.

What is a country getaway?

This is a tourist activity that has the particularity that it is carried out in a rural environment and surrounded by nature. Not all people want to go on trips to a busy city and walk around it.

Many people who go on a trip seek the calm and tranquility that nature could offer them. In addition, these destinations are in trend, so there is an increasing number of offers of destinations for rural tourism.

Making a rural getaway does not mean that you have to spend all your time in the house you rent. You can visit nearby places of interest, go for walks, bike rides, hikes and more.

Benefits of a rural getaway

A rural getaway will allow you to enjoy a large number of benefits, among which we can highlight the following:

  • a lower price: Rural getaways are mainly characterized by being cheap. You can save a lot of money by staying in a rural house instead of a hotel in the city.
  • you can relax: The main advantage of a rural getaway is that you disconnect from everything. You go to a completely new environment and it goes at a different pace. This is something that can help you relax and release stress.
  • Meet new cultures and people: A rural getaway will allow you to have contact with new people and cultures. This is something really positive, since you will be able to discover new things and learn from these new cultures.
  • You will get a much closer deal: Unlike a hotel where you are just another guest, in a rural house you will be treated like one of the family. The people who manage these places usually have a closer and friendlier treatment. They will always be willing to lend you a hand if you need it.
  • A wonderful experience for children: If you are traveling as a family, a rural getaway is going to be a great experience for the children. They will be able to be in contact with nature and learn much more about it. Without a doubt it will be something they will remember forever.

Of course there are many more advantages than these, however mentioning them all would make this article too long.

Places you cannot miss on your rural getaway

You already know a little more about what a rural getaway is about, now it is important that you know some ideal places for this. All those that we will mention are located in Galicia, which is an ideal territory for these getaways.

  • Cabanas de Bergantiños.
  • Ponteceso.
  • Camariñas.
  • A Laracha.
  • Laxe.
  • Malpica.
  • Fisterra.
  • Mazaricos.

Any of these destinations will be perfect for you to enjoy a perfect rural getaway. They are beautiful destinations full of nature, peace and impressive places to visit. So, take advantage and plan a rural getaway for your next vacation.

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